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Elegant Refurbished Hilltop Bocce Ball Court In Ruby Hills, Pleasanton, CA

Forever Greens received a call one spring day, from a customer in Pleasanton, CA, who was looking to have their bocce court surface replaced at their Ruby Hills home. The court was currently finished with a traditional oyster shell surface, but the homeowner was hopeful that we could put in something more manageable.

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Drainage Issues

It was also ridden with drainage issues which were warping the bumper boards that ran along the inside of the court wall. When they originally purchased their bocce ball court, the customer wanted a traditional style set-up, but was not aware of the constant maintenance that such a court would require. In order to properly maintain an oyster shell surface, it needs to be raked, dragged and wetted regularly to retain its smooth finish. Neglecting to do so will eventually result in an uneven and lumpy surface that will prevent the balls from rolling straight and true to their target. And without proper drainage, these effects would still take hold, even with regular maintenance.

Bocce Ball Court Resurfacing Project

The first step to giving the customer a bocce court they would love, was to remove the court surface. Because the existing bocce court was having issues with drainage, the Forever Greens installation crew removed the crushed base rock that had previously been installed as well. The warped bumper boards were carefully removed in the process, as the customer wanted to reuse them for the remodeled court. Once the old material was removed, the Forever Greens installers leveled out the surface and began putting down a layer of 3/4 inch drain rock. This larger rock allows water to percolate through the ground, preventing puddles from sitting on the surface of the bocce court, and assisting in recharging the drought starved water table. A thin layer of decomposed granite was then placed on top, and compacted to a smooth, level surface for the synthetic turf to be laid upon.

The warped bocce court border
Warped Bocce Court Border
Workers removing the old bocce ball court surface
Removing the Uneven Surface


Bocce Ball Court with 2-Hole Putting Green

During the process of planning the upgraded bocce ball court, the customer expressed that they wished they could get more use out of their court. Luckily, Forever Greens had the answer! We offered them a hybrid bocce court that we created, with a 2-hole putting green built in, and they absolutely loved the idea. Once the drain rock and decomposed granite layers were installed and smoothed, the installation crew marked a spot at each end of the court, where the holes were then cut. The cups were placed, and the process of rolling out the new artificial turf began.

Leveling the new bocce ball court surface
Leveling the new surface
Marking the cup holes for the 2-Hole Putting Green
Marking the cup holes

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The putting green/bocce court surface was created with our Putt 46 turf, manufactured by Global SynTurf. In order to finish the court‰Ûªs dual purpose surface, our specially designed removable cup plugs were then cut and fit into the holes to provide the solid level surface required for playing bocce. These plugs are covered with the same artificial turf material as the court surface and are easily removed for use as a putting green. A water-filled sod roller was then used across the entire court to remove any imperfections and ensure a smooth surface for the balls to roll true. The final step to finishing this new beautiful bocce ball court was to place the bumper boards. Because the customer wanted to reuse the ones from his previous court, the Forever Greens crew carefully placed each one, screwing them into the frame in 12 inch increments to prevent any warping.

Taping the Court Surface Off for Painting
Taping the Court Surface Off for Painting
Painting the Foul Lines
Painting the Foul Lines


Landscape Lighting

The existing landscape lighting at the Ruby Hills home was less than desirable, making it difficult for the customer to fully enjoy his bocce court or hilltop property past dusk. Forever Greens wanted to make sure our customer would be able to use his court at any time of day, so we recommended installing some lighting around it as well as throughout the yard. He agreed to have 4 spotlights installed around the exterior of his newly renovated bocce court, which we placed strategically, to light the entire surface. China Hat lights were then installed along the pathways leading to the court, as well as within the surrounding landscape, to further illuminate the area. In order to support all of this new lighting, Forever Greens installed a second transformer to supply the necessary power.

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The completed project is the epitome of elegance, especially after dark, and our Pleasanton customer couldn‰Ûªt be more satisfied. (Panoramic – curved- View):

Panoramic Camera Photo Showing the full Booce Court and Putting Green
Panoramic Camera Photo Showing the full Booce Court and Putting Green



Graham M.
Sunnyvale, CA
5 star

We recently had Forever Greens put in a large patch of Turf in for a client in Sunnyvale. The team was very professional, was able to get the job done in a very short timeline and even came out on the weekend for us. The end job looks great! I’d love to post pictures, but our client likes their privacy. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Leslie B.
Mountain View, CA
5 star

I contacted Forever Greens to have them check one area of the lawn that had developed a bump. Eric called me back right away and Chris was here a couple days later to see what was happening. He fixed the issue and then offered to power brush the entire lawn. Fantastic and friendly service. I continue to be impressed with Forever Greens.

Kevin R.
San Mateo
5 star

Frank recently installed our second putting green with beautiful surrounding artificial grass. Our first installation was five years ago and was flawless. That green held up beautifully so we had no hesitation going back to Frank. This one is even better! Very happy with our new green!

Mike R.
Pleasanton, CA
5 star

Over two years ago we had a large backyard patio put by Forever Greens and they did an excellent job (and I posted so at that time).  Since then we’ve enjoyed it every day.  Recently, I noticed some separation of some of the pavers and so I called Frank Green.  He stopped by to inspect the patio and immediately offered to have one of their installers come over to fix them.  The installer came over in a day and did a wonderful job.  Frank  has always been very responsive  and their work is excellent.

San Francisco, CA
5 star

We have used Forever greens twice now for our Putting green/turf project.  The more recent project was over 2200 sft of space. Forever Greens  were great!!!! I am a designer and I work with contractors on a daily basis- so I’m pretty picky with the work I contract out. These guys were very professional, diligent and most importantly responsive! Their prices were competitive and he quality of work was excellent. Check out the pictures of our finished product. Lawn looks so good and the putting green is perfection. The speed and breaks that my husband requested was taken into account ...continued

Britt R.
Dublin, CA
5 star

We had a wonderful experience with forever greens and every member of the team we came in contact with. Our project ended up being limited to a pergola and some backyard spot lighting but the team started with Mario who is kind, knowledgeable and has many wonderful ideas. The project coordinators and team of individuals such as Erik, who always kept is up to date on the start of our project and required inspections along with everyone else who did such a lovely job. I couldn’t be more pleased to go with a company like forever greens, our backyard is ...continued

Mark R.
Livermore, CA
5 star

Our lawn had seen better days and we decided to make the switch to turf.  Frank made it super easy to choose our turf and putting green.  His crew were quick to rip out the old grass and lay down the beautiful green turf.  They had the job done quick and easy.  We plan to have them back to help us with the front yard next.  Highly recommend!  Thanks Frank and crew!!!! Hope to have you guys back soon for another job.

Dona G.
San Francisco, CA
5 star

Chris at Forever Greens helped me last year with my synthetic lawn. It needed to be dog proof and it turned out perfect. Start to finish the service was great. This year he came back to install Gold Fine for a patio area under my pine tree, plus install a French Drain. The work was done in a timely fashion and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Above and beyond expectations, Chris buffed up my last years lawn and returned on his day off with his adorable boys to make a quick change to the French Drain grate. I ...continued

Danelle C.
Oakland, CA
5 star

Frank and his team are amazing! I called a few landscape companies to help me add some flagstone to my backyard and all of them declined due to the small size of the job, except for Frank. When I called Frank, he came by to do the estimate and was very thorough and detailed about his plans and next steps. I am very happy with how my backyard turned out! Thank you Frank & team!

Chris M.
San Jose, CA
5 star

Forever Greens completed my modest backyard project of about 700 sq feet of synthetic lawn. Mike gave me a great quote and provided me with excellent customer service throughout the project. The work crew was very professional and did a great job on the install. Mike and the crew worked with me during every phase of the project to ensure my needs were met and questions were answered. Details like ensuring my landscaping lights and outer area sprinklers sill worked were not overlooked. They went above and beyond to make sure one area of the lawn was set up as ...continued

Chris W.
Clayton, CA
5 star

Forever Greens team installed a traditional Bocce Ball court for me at my commercial campus in Alameda. Service was excellent, price was very competitive and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend using this company.

Dan X.
San Francisco
5 star

Mark is a true professional, his quote was well organized, well written, and very thorough. He is also great at guiding you through the installation procedure. Forever Greens as a company also seems very well organized and responds back immediately to customer inquiries. I would recommend Forever Greens to others looking for a reliable and professional artificial turf installation company.

Joy S.
Los Altos, CA
5 star

Having managed one myself, I know what to look for in a good small business. The people at Forever Greens were truly helpful, considerate and generous of their time. From the office staff, Tinysha, to the men who helped me with the green itself, Frank and Mike, everyone was incredibly easy and fun to work with. They went above and beyond to help me with a special project that required some special thought and creativity. They really know and understand their product. And it is a wonderful, high-quality turf that they work with. I would suggest Forever Greens to anyone ...continued



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