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Bocce Ball Courts

Bocce Ball Courts

Synthetic Bocce Ball Court in Pleasanton

Serving Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Blackhawk, San Jose, Silicon Valley and neighboring cities in CA.

Bocce ball is an ancient game developed in Italy, whose modern adaptation most closely resembles bowling. It is traditionally played on a court 60 ‰to 90 feet long and 8 to 13 feet wide consisting of natural soil or asphalt. The rules are complex, but basically two players or two teams of 2, 3, or 4 people score points when their ball lands closest to the “jack”, a smaller ball thrown before any player throws their bocce ball. It requires skill, strategy and just a little luck. Bocce ball is a great game to play outside on a beautiful day. It is highly popular among seniors, but youths are sure to enjoy this accuracy game. With the vast popularity of the game many businesses are opening around the San Francisco Bay Area offering bocce ball, food, and drinks. It is a good way to spend a night out with friends. If you would like to enjoy this ever so popular sport in the privacy of your own home, then a bocce ball court in Pleasanton, Ca. is for you.

The crew at Forever Putting Greens is at the forefront of the synthetic bocce court industry. Their synthetic bocce ball court in Pleasanton is no exception. It includes features not found on a traditional bocce ball court. These will be discussed a little later. The client in Pleasanton already had the location picked out for their court. They had a wood border built and had plans to use a more traditional base for their court. After meeting with Forever Putting Greens it was decided that a synthetic surface would be much better than the crushed oyster shell surface more commonly used. This is due to the fact that with a synthetic surface there is little to no maintenance required.

The first step was to bring in the rock used as a base under the synthetic surface. This was a job in itself as the location of the court was tucked away in the client’s backyard down a flight of stairs and a meandering rock path. Once the proper amount of rock was brought in allowing for good drainage it was time to install the synthetic surface. The turf used is specific to bocce ball allowing any water that falls on the flat surface to drain through and promotes a perfect roll of the ball. The clients mentioned that not only are they fans of bocce ball, but enjoy golf as well. Forever Putting Greens took this into consideration and decided to give them a hybrid bocce court by installing a golf hole at each end of the court. After they are done with putting they can simply put in Forever Putting Greens proprietary foam cup plugs and are ready for bocce fun.

To view this synthetic bocce ball court in Pleasanton and other courts in the San Francisco Bay Area log onto grassforever.com under featured installs. And remember to call (925) 443- PUTT with any synthetic turf questions. Get a quote now

Bocce Ball Courts

Synthetic ‰/ Artificial Bocce Ball Court In Walnut Creek CA

Originally developed in Italy, bocce ball is a sport similar to lawn bowling. With its common ancestry coming from ancient games played in the Roman Empire, bocce ball is played throughout Europe as well as overseas in areas that have received Italian immigrants. These areas include Australia, North America, and South America. With the popularity of the sport catching on in the San Francisco Bay Area in the northern part of California, many businesses are opening allowing more people to enjoy this exciting game. If you want to play bocce ball, and not deal with the crowds at these businesses, the crew at Forever Putting Greens can make it happen. They can design and build a court for you similar to the synthetic bocce ball court in Walnut Creek, California they constructed.

The sales person from Forever Putting Greens met with the client at his home in Walnut Creek to discuss the plans regarding his bocce ball court. He was given the choice of materials that could be used. He decided against the traditional crushed oyster shell or compacted rock surface and instead opted for the more maintenance free synthetic turf. The next step was to choose a location for his synthetic bocce ball court in Walnut Creek, California. He wanted it built directly off his backyard patio. He could have chosen a concrete border for his court, but decided a wood border would complement his yard better.

Once the post was set and the 2×12 boards were installed to complete the border, it was time to start the base for the synthetic surface. This involves installing a 3-4 inch combination of 3/4 inch crushed drain rock and decomposed granite also known as “DG”. The rock is then compacted with a plate compactor to achieve a perfectly flat surface. After getting the surface as flat as possible it is ready to install the drainable nylon turf which is cut to fit inside the border. Once the turf is laid out and secured, the surface gets coated with a fine 30 mesh sand which allows for a smooth fast roll.

Prior to installing the court the homeowner mentioned he enjoyed playing golf. The sales person for Forever Putting Greens let him know he could have the only hybrid bocce ball court on the market. This process is only done by Forever Putting Greens and involves setting a golf hole at each end of the court. Now the homeowner can work on his golf game, and simply insert Forever Putting Greens proprietary foam cup plugs leaving a smooth surface for his bocce ball play. Talk about having the best of both worlds.

If a synthetic bocce ball court in Walnut Creek, Ca. is something that would interest you log onto grassforever.com or call (925)443-PUTT. For a free quote click here.

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Bocce Ball Courts

Hybrid Bocce Ball Court Putting Green Design & Installation

– Multiple Surface options

Your wife likes Bocce Ball, you like Golf or vice versa? Don’t worry, we have the solution. Have you ever seen a hybrid putting green/bocce court? We haven’t either, until we invented it! We are the ONLY company that offers this product. Our synthetic surface solution is maintenance free so once you are done putting just pop in our proprietary cup plugs and your Bocce court is ready.

If your not into golf, we can build you a traditional bocce ball court with an oyster shell or gold fines surface. We can also install a pervious concrete base. This allows proper drainage through the concrete without the need of a slope. Once again we are the ONLY company that offers this.

For the bocce ball court boarder we can use concrete or pressure treated wood. If you decide to go with wood, we can paint it for you or use a nicer looking red pressure treated wood. Click here to obtain a quote!

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Bocce Ball Courts

Bocce Ball Courts on Synthetic Grass

Bocce Ball Courts on Synthetic Grass

Bocce courts are a wonderful addition to any backyard, park, community center or winery. Ages of all have been participating in this global sport for centuries. Bocce is traditionally played on natural soil, oyster shell, aggregate, sand or asphalt courts, which require lot of maintenance to keep them up to speed.

At Forever Putting Greens we have combined the right soil and aggregate compaction, and our top quality turf, to give our customers the best courts out there today. We use a turf that has the right, absorption, firmness, and extensive drainage to expel even the heaviest rainfall away from the court.

Our Bocce courts can be constructed with a concrete boarder, or a timber framed boarder around the court. The sub-base can be 4-18″ depending on the soil, geographical region, or the surrounding landscape and hardscape. We can use a compacted crushed drain rock base, pour concrete, or even go as far as building the court on pervious concrete (Porous Concrete)

In pervious concrete, carefully controlled amounts of water and cementitious materials are used to create a paste that forms a thick coating around aggregate particles. A pervious concrete mixture contains little or no sand, creating a substantial void content. Using sufficient paste to coat and bind the aggregate particles together creates a system of highly permeable, interconnected voids that drains quickly. Typically, between 15% and 25% voids are achieved in the hardened concrete, and flow rates for water through pervious concrete are typically around 480 in./hr (0.34 cm/s, which is 5 gal/ftå_/ min or 200 L/må_/min), although they can be much higher. Both the low mortar content and high porosity also reduce strength compared to conventional concrete mixtures, but sufficient strength for many applications is readily achieved.

While pervious concrete can be used for a surprising number of applications, its primary use is in pavement that returns water directly back to the environment. It has also has been referred to as porous concrete, permeable concrete, no-fines concrete, gap-graded concrete, and enhanced-porosity concrete.

Bocce ball courts are completely level with no slope to encourage runoff. So at Forever Putting Greens we prefer to use pervious concrete to drain the water directly through our profile as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Bocce Ball Courts

History of Bocce Ball

Bocce is traditionally played on natural soil or asphalt courts approximately 60 to 90 feet in length and 8 to 13 feet wide, sometimes with wooden boards of approximately 4-12″ in height surrounding the court. Bocce balls can be made of metal or various kind of plastic unlike lawn bowling bocce balls are spherical and have no inbuilt bias.

A game can be conducted between two players, or two teams of two, three, or four. A match is started by a randomly chosen side being given the opportunity to throw a smaller ball, the jack (called a pallino, or a boccino in some areas), from one end of the court into a zone about 15 feet in length, ending 6 feet from the far end of the court. If they miss twice, the other team is awarded the opportunity to place the jack anywhere they choose within the prescribed zone.

The side that first attempted to place the jack is given the opportunity to bowl first. Once the first bowl has taken place, the other side has the opportunity to bowl. From then on, the side which doesn’t have the ball closest to the jack has a chance to bowl, up until one side or the other has used their four balls. At that point, the other side bowls its remaining bocce balls. The team with the closest bocce ball to the jack is the only team that can score points in any frame. The scoring team receives one point for each of their balls that is closer to the jack than the closest ball of the other team. The length of a game varies by region, but is typically from 7 to 13 points.

Players are permitted to throw the ball in the air using an underarm action. This is generally used to knock either the jack or another ball away to attain a more favorable position, or to soften the ball and encourage it to stop quicker. Tactics can get quite complex when players have sufficient control over the bocce ball to throw or roll it accurately


San Mateo, CA

Forever Greens is AMAZING! Everyone is professional and very detailed! Ed came out to discuss what we wanted to do in our backyard. He was detailed, friendly and delivered the quote on time. Ed answered questions I had about the quote to clarify the work to be done. He responded to emails as well as returned my calls. Once I put my deposit down, Frank called to give me a target start date, and called back the following week to confirm the actual start date. It was a few days earlier then the target start date. The crew is great. ...continued

Erick R.
Livermore, CA
5 star

I can’t say enough about the excellent experience we had working with Frank and his entire team on a complete backyard remodel. They were patient during the initial quote as we nailed down details but once the work started, the paver and natural grass crews worked long days and exceeded my expectations in every way. Best of all, no surprise overages when they were all done. Now that we have the backyard of our dreams, we are already planning on using them again for the front yard.

Bing S.
Sunnyvale, CA
5 star

I had my backyard redone by Forever Greens last year. Mark first came out give me a competitive quote with comprehensive and professional solution, even offered his personal touch on some woodwork, which I am very satisfied. The paver area and retaining wall was finished beautifully, gardening team also very professional and response to my request promptly and patiently. The owner Frank is very responsive, reasonable and easy to communicate. I have recommended Forever Greens to many of my friends, will continue to do so. I love that they offer 5 yr warranty on their workmanship.

Gayatri S.
Fremont, CA
5 star

They did a fantastic job with our back and front yard. The artificial grass looks and feels gorgeous. We get so many compliments and our kids love hanging out with their friends in our backyard Mike and his team were professional and gave an estimate on the time line and finished on time We are very happy with the work and recommending them to all our friends. I can assure you that you will be beyond happy with their work,

Kwame F.
Hayward, CA
5 star

My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with our new back yard. We hooked up with Mike from Forever Greens and his team, lead by Erik and Fernando to give our backyard a makeover and complement a pool we had going in. It was a pretty involved design that included paver stones, outdoor games (bocce and chess), a custom grill and covered patio, lighting, and plant material. They worked with us to refine our design that maximized our space and budget while adding a bit of flare at the same time. Mike and his team kept me informed of ...continued

Andrea M.
San Francisco, CA
5 star

Amazing!! Thank you Mike O., for going above and beyond in helping me make my place look more like home. I live in an apartment in San Francisco and needed a green area of grass for me and my pup. Not only did he help with this but also provided resources for materials and was very thorough on how to install it. I get so many compliments from my neighbors and it has made the complex look even nicer. Me and pup are forever grateful

Connie P.
Livermore, CA
5 star

Forever Greens did a stunning job on our yard! We waiting a long time get our yard re landscaped and were not 100% sure what we wanted but the team is great about helping a customer decide what to do with their yard. The team is professional, nice, on time, pays attention to details. We absolutely LOVE our new yard! Highly recommend them!

Evelyn C.
Napa, CA
5 star

Forever Greens did our front yard and it couldn’t have turned out better. It’s beautiful and very functional for our family. The crew did a wonderful job prepping for the job and putting everything in the exact order we requested. We would highly recommend their product and services to anyone looking to install artificial turf, they have so many options! The sales rep. really takes his times listening to your needs and makes a appropriate recommendation based on those needs. Very happy customers here!

Angeline Z.
Santa Clara, CA
5 star

If you’re looking to add artificial grass to your outdoor space look no further! My family and I have been undergoing construction for over a year and a half, and we grew tired of the incessant mud and overall maintenance of our lawn in the front yard and back yard. Coupled with two Siberian Huskies that love the mud, we constantly had dirt and paw prints tracked into our home. We began to research artificial lawns to see if this may solve our problem along with continuing to provide us with an authentic outdoor experience. We reached out to Forever ...continued

Graham M.
Sunnyvale, CA
5 star

We recently had Forever Greens put in a large patch of Turf in for a client in Sunnyvale. The team was very professional, was able to get the job done in a very short timeline and even came out on the weekend for us. The end job looks great! I’d love to post pictures, but our client likes their privacy. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Leslie B.
Mountain View, CA
5 star

I contacted Forever Greens to have them check one area of the lawn that had developed a bump. Eric called me back right away and Chris was here a couple days later to see what was happening. He fixed the issue and then offered to power brush the entire lawn. Fantastic and friendly service. I continue to be impressed with Forever Greens.

Kevin R.
San Mateo
5 star

Frank recently installed our second putting green with beautiful surrounding artificial grass. Our first installation was five years ago and was flawless. That green held up beautifully so we had no hesitation going back to Frank. This one is even better! Very happy with our new green!

Mike R.
Pleasanton, CA
5 star

Over two years ago we had a large backyard patio put by Forever Greens and they did an excellent job (and I posted so at that time).  Since then we’ve enjoyed it every day.  Recently, I noticed some separation of some of the pavers and so I called Frank Green.  He stopped by to inspect the patio and immediately offered to have one of their installers come over to fix them.  The installer came over in a day and did a wonderful job.  Frank  has always been very responsive  and their work is excellent.

San Francisco, CA
5 star

We have used Forever greens twice now for our Putting green/turf project.  The more recent project was over 2200 sft of space. Forever Greens  were great!!!! I am a designer and I work with contractors on a daily basis- so I’m pretty picky with the work I contract out. These guys were very professional, diligent and most importantly responsive! Their prices were competitive and he quality of work was excellent. Check out the pictures of our finished product. Lawn looks so good and the putting green is perfection. The speed and breaks that my husband requested was taken into account ...continued

Britt R.
Dublin, CA
5 star

We had a wonderful experience with forever greens and every member of the team we came in contact with. Our project ended up being limited to a pergola and some backyard spot lighting but the team started with Mario who is kind, knowledgeable and has many wonderful ideas. The project coordinators and team of individuals such as Erik, who always kept is up to date on the start of our project and required inspections along with everyone else who did such a lovely job. I couldn’t be more pleased to go with a company like forever greens, our backyard is ...continued

Mark R.
Livermore, CA
5 star

Our lawn had seen better days and we decided to make the switch to turf.  Frank made it super easy to choose our turf and putting green.  His crew were quick to rip out the old grass and lay down the beautiful green turf.  They had the job done quick and easy.  We plan to have them back to help us with the front yard next.  Highly recommend!  Thanks Frank and crew!!!! Hope to have you guys back soon for another job.

Dona G.
San Francisco, CA
5 star

Chris at Forever Greens helped me last year with my synthetic lawn. It needed to be dog proof and it turned out perfect. Start to finish the service was great. This year he came back to install Gold Fine for a patio area under my pine tree, plus install a French Drain. The work was done in a timely fashion and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Above and beyond expectations, Chris buffed up my last years lawn and returned on his day off with his adorable boys to make a quick change to the French Drain grate. I ...continued

Danelle C.
Oakland, CA
5 star

Frank and his team are amazing! I called a few landscape companies to help me add some flagstone to my backyard and all of them declined due to the small size of the job, except for Frank. When I called Frank, he came by to do the estimate and was very thorough and detailed about his plans and next steps. I am very happy with how my backyard turned out! Thank you Frank & team!

Chris M.
San Jose, CA
5 star

Forever Greens completed my modest backyard project of about 700 sq feet of synthetic lawn. Mike gave me a great quote and provided me with excellent customer service throughout the project. The work crew was very professional and did a great job on the install. Mike and the crew worked with me during every phase of the project to ensure my needs were met and questions were answered. Details like ensuring my landscaping lights and outer area sprinklers sill worked were not overlooked. They went above and beyond to make sure one area of the lawn was set up as ...continued

Chris W.
Clayton, CA
5 star

Forever Greens team installed a traditional Bocce Ball court for me at my commercial campus in Alameda. Service was excellent, price was very competitive and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend using this company.

Dan X.
San Francisco
5 star

Mark is a true professional, his quote was well organized, well written, and very thorough. He is also great at guiding you through the installation procedure. Forever Greens as a company also seems very well organized and responds back immediately to customer inquiries. I would recommend Forever Greens to others looking for a reliable and professional artificial turf installation company.


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