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The one putt pro is the only putting matt that can recieving short bump-and-run chip shots with realistic ball reception. It’s bouce and roll-out is second to none!

At Forever Putting Greens we are dedicated to helping our customers make more putts. This nylon putting surface is the perfect distance to work on your tough 12-15 foot putts. The One Putt Pro is all-weather and wont fade in the sun, works great indoors and out. Don’t worry about the putting green sliding around, even on the shiniest hardwood floors because it has a no-slide rubber backing. The realism, stimp and feel-under-foot are second to none. This is a multi-directional putting surface rated a 9-10 on the stimp meter.

There is no other product like the One Putt Pro putting surface. You can do search after search on ebay and not find a nylon putting surface like ours. Why? because the cost of this turf is $5 a square foot.  How can we afford to sell it cheaper than cost? We install putting greens around northern California and the One Putt Pro matts I sell on ebay are excess peices from jobs past. Thats a big bonus for you because you are getting this top-of-the-line nylon turf UNDER COST.

Don’t let another BBQ pass where you can’t roll putts between flipping meat!

Don’t let another rainstorm pass where you can’t roll putts in your living room!

Added by: Mike O’Neill