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Polypropylene Vs. Nylon Putting Surface

For those of you considering a backyard putting green in the tri valley or bay area, there is a simple question you should ask yourself before calling an installer.

Can I hit shots to my green over 35 yards?

If your answer is NO, then a Nylon putting surface is probably for you.  The only advantage a sand-filled polypropylene putting surface will give you is the ability to hit shots up to 150 yards away with a realistic ball response.    If you are not building a par 3 golf hole in your backyard then Nylon is the way to go.

Nylon Turf

   Advantages: Looks better, multi-directional surface (same putting speed in every direction), no maintenance.

Disadvantages:  can receive golf balls from a max of only 35 yards.  Farther than 35 yards away, your balls will have a unrealistic bounce.

 Polypropylene turf

   Advantages: receives golf shots up to 150 yards.

Disadvantages: requires 10 hrs maintenance annually, grainy putts (putts will be slower against the grain) has a browner, sandy look.  If not maintained, your ball speed will get faster and faster every month untill it is an unrealistic speed.

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Added by: Mike O’Neill